Ottawa County Michigan Works!

The Business Stuff

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Partnerships • Training • Human Resources

Partnerships     Training     Human Resources
  • Business attraction
  • Collaboration with economic developers, trainers, and centers of education
  • New Business and Plant start-up services
  • Assistance with tax credits
  • Competitive analysis
  • On-the-Job training reimbursement
  • Training incentives for current or existing workforce
  • Apprenticeship training reimbursement
  • Identifying training providers
  • Benchmarking job-related skills
  • Researching competitive wages for your area/industry
  • Employee recruitment
  • Collect applications and resumes on your behalf
  • Pre-screening of resumes
  • Conducting pre-hire assessments
  • Posting Job Order on Pure Michigan Talent Connect
  • Distributing employer applications
  • Organizing Employer of the Day
  • Advertising job openings
  • Using OCMW as a drop-off point for job applications
  • Using OCMW as an interviewing and testing location