Ottawa County, Michigan

Ottawa County Sheriff's Office

Emergency Management

12220 Fillmore Street
West Olive, MI 49460
FAX: 616-738-4053
  Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Disaster Relief Loans

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Amy Oosterink
Homeland Security
Regional Planner
(616) 738-4616

  Beth Thomas
PEM, Director
(616) 738-4050
Sandra Schoeb
LEPC & HazMat/Tech
Rescue Team Coordinator
(616) 738-4051
  Christine Saddler
Records Processing Clerk
(616) 738-4052


The functions of "emergency management" have been performed in Ottawa County since the first volunteer fire departments were established in Grand Haven around 1856 and in Holland around 1849. During the Cold War era of the late 1950's Ottawa County Civil Defense was established with the primary mission of protecting the public from enemy attack. In 1979 the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was formed utilizing the concept of an Integrated Emergency Management System (IEMS). Ottawa County Emergency Management uses this system as the basis for their preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation programs. This program includes government, non-government and volunteer organizations all working together to protect the lives of the public. The goals of Emergency Management are to save lives, prevent injuries and protect property and the environment if an emergency occurs.