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Juvenile Justice

Since December of 1996, the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office has assigned deputies to the Ottawa County Family Court in a partnership that focuses on juvenile related issues. These Juvenile Justice Deputies focus on high-risk juveniles that are placed in the community. Juvenile Justice Deputies also investigate crimes, serve subpoenas, transport juveniles, and act as a liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the Family Court. In October of 1999 the program was enhanced with the addition of one more deputy, for a total of three Juvenile Justice Deputies. Deputies work with court staff performing numerous evening curfew checks and probation "sweeps" of youths bound by specific probationary terms. The Ottawa County Sheriff's Office and Ottawa County Family Court continue to be leaders statewide in this innovative collaboration of services.

The Intensive Surveillance Program (ISP) is another collaborative effort between the court and the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office. This program is designed to be a strong, behavioral intervention program with even greater supervision intensity of high-risk youth living within the community. The ISP deputies were also involved in various other court programs and services requiring different levels of surveillance for high-risk youths.

Deputies currently assigned to the Ottawa County Family Court Juvenile Justice Community Policing are Deputy Tim Smith and Deputy Michele Sampson.


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