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School Bus Incident Reporting

The primary focus of community policing deputies assigned as school resource deputies is the safety and security of the school campus. Well-publicized national events have demonstrated the need for development of safety strategies and event crisis management to insure the well being of students and staff members. School resource deputies remain highly visible and assist in proactive problem solving to prevent or limit significant events from occurring on school grounds.

Apart from carrying a criminal investigation caseload resulting from crimes committed on campus, school resource deputies are skilled in working with young people. Deputies attend many school academic and sporting events and act as mentors to students, sharing their knowledge of life skills. Deputies also participate in classroom activities, such as teaching the T.E.A.M. (Teaching, Educating, and Mentoring) Program and speaking on health and government related issues. In addition, some deputies have extended their interest and talents to after school activities, such as coaching and assisting in sports activities in their school districts.

When school is not in session, school resource officers transition to serving the interests of the township or city that sponsors their position, in partnership with the school district.

Sgt. Derek Gerencer currently oversees the School Resource Deputy Program. Sgt. Derek Gerencer is available for questions and comments regarding school programs.

Deputies assigned to school resource deputy community policing positions are as follows:

Allendale Public Schools
Deputy John Ortman

Coopersville Area Public Schools
Deputy Shane Ryke

Grand Haven Area Public Schools
Deputy Ryan DeVries

Hudsonville Public Schools
Deputy Mike Petroelje

West Ottawa Public Schools
Deputy Michael Veldkamp
Deputy Kristina Workman

Spring Lake Public Schools
Deputy Jon Smoes

Jenison Schools
Deputy Brad Bennett

Zeeland Public Schools/
Ottawa Area Intermediate School District

Deputy Bruce Veeneman


Steve Kempker

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