Outstanding Customer Service Awards

Second Quarter 2019 Award Recipients

Join us in congratulating Ottawa County’s current Outstanding Customer Service Award recipients: Chris Wolff from the Register of Deeds Office, as well as Deputy Bob Wittum and Deputy Chris Todd from the Sheriff’s Office.

Chris Wolff, Register of Deeds

Chris Wolff

The individual who nominated Chris wrote:

“I am compelled to write a quick note to you bragging of the wonderful service that I received from Chris during the process of my quit claim deeds. She was more than helpful to me and my cause and remained very personable over three visits. Having dealt with Muskegon County on many occasions I must say she was unexpected and refreshing. Please commend her on a job well done. Thank you for being positive leadership in a Government Department that is functional and personal that allows and encourages this behavior from your Employees.”

Number of Years Employed by Ottawa County: I am now two years with Ottawa County.

The thing I like most about working for Ottawa County is: I value the positive atmosphere here in Ottawa County.

The hardest thing I have ever done: Childbirth.

You would be surprised to learn that: My favorite color is pink.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you pick and why? I would love to have dinner with my daughter Kaylee because I don’t get to see her much as she lives in Houghton Michigan.

If you had to spend all of your vacations for the rest of your life in the same place, where would you go and why? My favorite vacation destination is High Banks Camp Ground in Bitely, Michigan. Last year we bought a camping trailer to replace our tents. I am sure looking forward to using it.

If you could travel back in time to any certain era or event, when/where would you pick and why? I’d like to travel back to see my Mom because I miss her so much.

Deputy Bob Wittum, Sheriff’s Office

Bob Wittum

The individual who nominated Bob wrote:

"Deputy Wittum went above and beyond the call of duty. While his partner was taking a subject into custody Deputy Wittum assisted in taking care of the subject’s 2 year old son while a relative could be tracked down to take custody of the child. This included buying the young boy lunch out of his own pocket. Deputy Wittum did not hesitate to lend assistance and went above and beyond on this day."

Deputy Chris Todd, Sheriff’s Office

Chris Todd

The individual who nominated Chris wrote:

"I would like to compliment Chris Todd on how he presented himself when I was pulled over, he was both very professional and made me feel comfortable. He was very reassuring and we chatted for a few minutes after the process was done. Handling a moving vehicle infraction with professionalism, care and class. He's a great guy the community should be proud of."