Board of Commissioners

2009 Water Quality Forum

Session 1

  1. David Rockwell, Beach Water Quality Coordinator, NOAA Center for Excellence for Great Lakes and Human Health
    Presentation : Ottawa County Beach Forecasting Model
  2. Marc Verhougstraete, Research Assistant, Michigan State University, Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
    Presentation : Source Tracking in Saginaw Bay and Great Lakes Applications
  3. Dr. Shannon Briggs, Toxicologist and Beach Coordinator, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality- Water Bureau
    Presentation : Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Session 2, Part 1

Water Quality Success Stories

  1. Dr. Neil MacDonald, Professor of Biology and Natural Resources Management, Grand Valley State University
    Presentation : Ottawa County's Pigeon River - A Qualified Success Story
  2. Barbara Marczak, Team Leader, Prein & Newhoff
    Presentation : SW Ottawa County Landfill History
  3. Jennifer J. Jermalowicz-Jones, Water Resources Director, Lakeshore Environmental Inc.
    Presentation : Case Studies and Lake-Specific Management Techniques

Session 2, Part 2

Watersheds of Ottawa County

  1. Andy Bowman, Planning Director, Grand Valley Metro Council
    Brian Donovan, City Manager, East Grand Rapids
    Presentation : Lower Grand Organization of Watersheds
  2. Mary Fales, Watershed Coordinator, Macatawa Area Coordinating Council
    Presentation : Lake Macatawa-A Resource Worth Protecting

Session 3

  1. Sonia Joseph, Sea Grant Extension Outreach Coordinator, NOAA Center for Excellence for Great Lakes and Human Health
    Presentation : Citizen Monitoring of Ottawa County Waterways
  2. Dr. Daniel O'Keefe, Southwest District Extension Educator, Michigan Sea Grant, Michigan State University
    Presentation : Invasive Species and Lake Sturgen Restoration