Human Resources

The Ottawa Way

Ottawa County strives to be the location of choice for living, working, and recreation. We are committed to excellence and the delivery of cost-effective public services.


Ottawa County promotes a culturally diverse environment where all employees, residents, and visitors are valued and welcomed. We hold it as a basic value to proactively engage and understand a variety of perspectives across all human differences. We seek to ensure respectful treatment and fair access to opportunities and resources so all may thrive and achieve their full potential. We believe every person's voice adds value and contributes to the wellbeing and stability of our growing community.

Customer Service

Customer Service Codes of Conduct

  • We live the Golden Rule.
  • We create a friendly and professional atmosphere.
  • We take accountability for our actions and decisions.
  • We are a team based upon positive relationships.
  • We know our roles and the roles of others.
  • We know our resources.
  • We work while others enjoy their stay.
  • We own the problems and know (or seek) the answers.
  • We keep our facilities clean and safe.
  • We create a culture of service in which every customer is valued!

Our customers, clients, and visitors can expect a friendly, professional atmosphere where they are treated with integrity and respect. Ottawa County employees are empowered to solve problems with integrity and empathy to inspire trust.


Ottawa County is committed to continually improving and being a leader in innovation of local governments. Bureaucratic work processes can become routine and unquestioned for years, so we question these unconscious routines through departmental reviews, program evaluations, and studies. We look within our organization for efficiencies that will provide additional resources for the future.


Ottawa County has taken an aggressive approach to communication, both internally and with the public. To continually improve and remain transparent and open to the public, we must properly communicate. Communication tools, such as social media, the website, and GovDelivery, are to be utilized to their fullest potential.

Comments from our Employees

It is great to be part of an organization that has an administration that not only values county employees, but also emphasizes providing great customer service to the public.

Thank you for professional development training and the opportunity to meet and engage with leadership throughout the county.

After working in several government sector and private sector positions outside of Ottawa County, there is no doubt this is a great place to live and work.

At some point, it ceases to be about oneself [and more] about how we can better serve our customers and the people of Ottawa County better with the skills we have and the knowledge we possess. This becomes the driving force that brings me to work every day knowing that there are customers that need important services that my department offers.

I think that Ottawa County goes to incredible lengths to provide employee input/participation/engagement.