Ottawa County Probate Court

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Mission Statement

To administer justice and restore wholeness in a manner that inspires public trust.

Vision Statement

As a leader among Courts we exemplify high standards for justice and public service.

General Overview

There is a Probate Court in each Michigan county with the exception of ten counties which have consolidated to form five probate court districts. Each district has one judge, and each of the remaining counties has one or more judges depending on population and caseload within the county. The Probate Court has jurisdiction in the areas of estates and trusts, guardianships, and conservatorships and mental commitment proceedings. Probate judges are elected on a nonpartisan ballot for six year terms, subject to the same requirements as other judges.

Estate Proceedings

A major function of the court is the administration of deceased estates. It is the court's task to interpret wills in the event of uncertainty or conflict over the will's meaning. The court may also determine rights to an estate where the person has died "intestate" (without a will). This function of the court demonstrates one of the important purposes of courts in our society -- they make a formal record of the legal status of property.

Form Requirements for Estate Proceedings

Guardianships & Conservatorships

The Probate Court is responsible for appointing guardians and conservators for incapacitated adults and minors who cannot make responsible decisions about themselves or their property. In these cases the judge must decide whether the person in question has a mental, physical or legal limitation which requires the judge to appoint a guardian to make decisions concerning the person's health and personal life or appoint a conservator to make responsible decisions concerning management of property and money. A Conservator is responsible for filing detailed/accurate annual accounts with the Court.

The Probate Court is also responsible for reviewing guardianships at the end of one year and every three years thereafter for adults. For minors the court is responsible for reviewing the guardianship yearly until the minor reaches age six.

Forms needed for filing Guardianship/Conservatorship/Protective Orders

Forms needed for terminating or modifying Conservatorship or Guardianship

Forms needed for filing Application For Order For Appointment Of Out-Of-State Guardian/Conservator

Annual Guardianship Reports

Mental Health Proceedings

Another major function of the Probate Court concerns proceedings under the Mental Health Code. These proceedings pertain to commitment for hospital care of persons alleged to have a mental illness and guardianship proceedings for the developmentally disabled.


The Probate Court handles other matters such as allowing persons to deposit their will in a designated vault ($25 each), delayed registration of foreign births, opening decedent safe deposit boxes, secret marriages, appointing members to the state boundary commission, and tax commission.

Filing Fees

Pursuant to PA 231 (2015) effective 3/1/16, an additional fee of $25 is due with the $150 filing fee.

Schedule of fees: The Court accepts personal checks, money orders, cash and credit cards (Visa & MasterCard).

Request Waiver of Fees/Cost

Forms for Filing

Forms can be found for all courts using the State of Michigan Courts website. Forms are categorized by general case types.


Mark A. Feyen, Chief Probate Judge

  • Mark A. Feyen
    Chief Probate Judge

Main Office

  • 12120 Fillmore Street
    West Olive, MI 49460
  • Phone: (616) 786-4110
    FAX: (616) 738-4624
  • Monday - Friday:
    8:00am - 5:00pm*
  • *Paperwork and filing fees will be accepted after 4:30pm M-F, but will not be officially "filed" or receipted until the following business day.

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  • Kevin J. Bowling
  • Penni A. DeWitt
  • Johanna Wallace
    Chief Deputy Probate Register
  • Amanda Sheffield
    Deputy Probate Register
  • Michelle Cross
    Judicial Clerk
  • Mandi Schebor
    Judicial Clerk