Board Appointments

Board Appointments

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Ottawa County Insurance Authority

The Authority shall be accomplished through the exercise of the powers of Participationg Public Entities jointly in the creation of a separate self-insurance program. The Authority is not an insurer of insurance company under the law of the State of Michigan. The Authority also has the power to enter into contracts, hold and dispose of real and personal property, defend and/or settle claims, and pay invoices.


Joe Moss, Chairperson of Bd of Commissioners (BC)
John Gibbs, County Administrator (A)
Lucy Ebel, County Commissioner at Large (BC)
Amanda Price, County Treasurer (EO)
Gretchen Cosby, Finance Committee Chairperson (BC)
Gary Rosema, OC Building Authority Representative (BC)

For additional information about the Ottawa County Insurance Authority, please contact Karen Karasinski.