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Ottawa County Purchasing oversees the timely and cost-effective procurement of goods and services for the County. The office maximizes the value of funds and safeguards quality and integrity. Open bids are posted below and are also available through the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network along with solicitations of other public agencies. Sign up to be notified of new and updated bids.

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Open Bids

RFP 24-078 Rosy Mound Natural Area Master Plan

RFP 24-70 Linen Services for Ottawa Sands Park

RFQu 22-04 Weatherization Inspectors

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Erik Charters Purchasing Manager (616) 738-4855
Janice McLaren Procurement Specialist (616) 738-4670
Jon Marin Procurement Specialist (616) 738-4860
Steve Holden Procurement Specialist (616) 994-4778