Board Appointments

Board Appointments

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Health & Human Services Committee

The 5 members have original jurisdiction over matters of County business in the following: Mental Health, Public Health, Senior Citizens, Dept. of Human Services, Substance Abuse, Veterans, CAA/MI Works!, Solid Waste, Policy Matters. The Chair shall serve on boards & commissions as state statutes require.


Gretchen Cosby, Commissioner (BC)
Lucy Ebel, Commissioner (BC)
Doug R Zylstra, Commissioner (BC)
Jacob Bonnema, Commissioner (BC)
Joe Moss, Commissioner (BC)
Rebekah Curran, Commissioner (BC)
Sylvia Rhodea, Commissioner (BC)
Roger Belknap, Commissioner (BC)
Allison Miedema, Commissioner (BC)

For additional information about the Health & Human Services Committee, please contact John Gibbs.