Board Appointments

Board Appointments

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Ottawa County Veteran's Affairs Committee

The Ottawa County Veterans Affairs Committee provides financial and other support to honorably discharged, wartime veterans or their widow/widower who are residents of Ottawa County. The committee exists pursuant to MCL 35.621. It is comprised of 7 members that are military veterans and who are appointed by the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners. Members of the committee serve 4-year terms and meet monthly at the Ottawa County Fillmore Street complex. If you are interested in learning more about the Ottawa County Veterans Affairs Committee, please contact Mr. Loren Snippe at, or 616-393-8387.


Doug R Zylstra, County Commissioner (BC)
Joseph J Alfonso, War Veteran (BC) - 12/31/2023
Larry Jackson, War Veteran (BC) - 12/31/2023
Eric Johnson, War Veteran (BC) - 12/31/2025
Randal J Cope, War Veteran (BC) - 12/31/2024
Nicholas Knebl, War Veteran (BC) - 12/31/2025
Steven L Barnes, War Veteran (BC) - 12/31/2024

For additional information about the Ottawa County Veteran's Affairs Committee, please contact Loren Snippe.