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Board Appointments

Board Appointments

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Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Commission

The Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission is responsible for all functions of the County Parks and Recreation Department including land acquisition, planning, development, operations, and community engagement programs and initiatives. The Commission was created in 1987 by a Resolution of the Board of Commissioners pursuant to Public Acts 261 of 1965. The Commission is comprised of 10 ten members, 5 of which are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. Members of the Commission serve 3-year terms. The Commission meets the third Wednesday of each month at 3:00 pm at the Ottawa County Fillmore Street complex. If you are interested in learning more about the Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission, please contact Jason Shamblin at jshamblin@miottawa.org, or 616-738-4810.


Roger Belknap, County Commissioner (BC)
Allison Miedema, County Commissioner (BC)
Lukas E Hill, Public (BC) - 12/31/2026
Jane Longstreet, Public (BC) - 12/31/2025
Kelly N Rice, Public (BC) - 12/31/2024
Linda A McAffrey, Public (BC) - 12/31/2025
Bruce Lamoine Greenlee, Public (BC) - 12/31/2026
James c Miedema, Road Commission Rep.
Joseph Bush, Water Resources Commissioner
Paul Sachs, West Michigan Regional Planning Commission

For additional information about the Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Commission, please contact Jason Shamblin.