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Claim and Delivery (GZ)

This site contains links to forms for Claim and Delivery cases.  You must talk with an attorney if you need advice about what is best for your situation or case.  Additional forms may be found at

When to Use

  • Someone has possession of your stuff without your permission; and
  • You want to get it back.

Note: “Stuff” is personal property.  It does not include a house or land (real property).

Required Forms

  • MC 01 – Summons
  • MC 35 – Complaint, Claim and Delivery
  • MC 39 – Judgment, Claim and Delivery

Optional Forms

These forms may be used if you believe that, before trial, the property will be damaged, destroyed, concealed, or disposed of or that it will substantially decline in value due to use.

  • MC 36 – Motion for Possession Pending Judgment, Claim and Delivery
  • MC 37 – Order of Possession Pending Judgment, Claim and Delivery

Where to File

You must file in the county where the property is located.  If the property is in Ottawa County, you must also look at the defendant’s zip code to determine where to file.

Holland 49422, 49423, 49424, 49464, 49460
Hudsonville 49426, 49404, 49401, 49403, 49428, 49427, 49544, 49435
Grand Haven 49417, 49409, 49456, 49448

Filing Fees


Additional Information

MCR 3.105 – Claim and Delivery
MCL 600.2920