Facilities Maintenance

Responsible for maintaining and protecting all County assets, including all facilities, site improvements, and related equipment.

The Facilities Maintenance department is responsible for assuring County compliance with all federal, state and local building codes and regulations. A sophisticated energy management system monitors and controls all County-owned facilities. This system allows the department to control the environment and trouble shoot equipment failures remotely from our Fillmore Street location.

12220 Fillmore Street, Rm. 160
West Olive, MI 49460
Phone: (616) 738-4873
Fax: (616) 738-4876

Blake Upright, Facilities Director
Phone: (616) 738-4874
Fax: (616) 738-4876

Doug Maas, Facilities Custodial Supervisor
Phone: (616) 738-4641
Fax: (616) 738-4876