Customer Service

We understand that navigating a government system can feel daunting. In Ottawa County, we are here to assist. Whether you need help traversing the halls of a building or a legal process, we know--or seek--the answers for you. You can expect a friendly, professional atmosphere where you are treated with integrity and respect. 

Customer Service Value Statement

Empowered to Solve Problems with Integrity and Empathy to inspire Trust.
Customer Service Codes Of Conduct:
  • We live the Golden Rule.
  • We create a friendly and professional atmosphere.
  • We take accountability for our actions and decisions.
  • We are a team based upon positive relationships.
  • We know our roles and the roles of others.
  • We know our resources.
  • We work while others enjoy their stay.
  • We own the problem and know (or seek) the answers.
  • We keep our facilities clean and safe.
  • We create a culture of service in which every customer is valued!
Customer Service Survey
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