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Intensive Supervision Probation

The Intensive Supervision Probation program (ISP) is a program of high accountability and structure with emphasis on abstinence from alcohol and illegal drug use, employment, treatment, and the development of a crime-free lifestyle.

The goal of this program is to improve the quality of life for probationers and encourage an environment for change, which we believe will result in constructive behavior and accountability.

Probationers in ISP are required to adhere to the following requirements as well as any special conditions deemed appropriate by the court:

  • Comply with the terms of their probation orders and supplemental terms.
  • Must be an Ottawa County resident or live within close proximity of Ottawa County. Live in an approved residence and have court approval prior to any change of residence. Regular home visits will be conducted discreetly and at any hour.
  • Maintain full time employment, or be full time student, or show significant effort in finding employment. Community service may be utilized until employment is initiated.
  • Pay supervision fees on a regular basis. Fees are a flat rate of $1440, which is $240 a month for 6 months and includes a one time drug testing fee of $60. A payment plan can be worked out with the probation officer.
  • Participate in counseling as requested by the ISP officer. This will include, but is not limited to, the following types of counseling: AA, outpatient, inpatient, and/or group counseling. Combinations of these forms of counseling may be required at times, depending upon the probationer’s history. The probationer is responsible for paying the cost of counseling, if a fee is required.
  • Must submit to alcohol or drug testing by any probation officer or police officer.
  • Must not engage in any verbally or physically abusive or assaultive behavior.
  • Adhere to a curfew. The curfew will take into consideration the participant’s hours of employment, treatment, support groups, and educational needs.
  • Must not use mouthwash, over the counter medications containing alcohol, or other substances containing alcohol.
  • Must submit proof of current prescriptions to probation officer as directed.  
  • Probationers may be placed on random drug/alcohol testing, known as the color system, at the court’s discretion.