Ottawa County Prosecuting Attorney

Areas of Responsibility

Criminal Justice

Investigative Function
  • Advise law enforcement agencies regarding criminal law and provide legal assistance on investigations in progress.
  • Draft and review search warrants.

Charging Function

Review investigative reports and determine whether criminal charges should be authorized.
  • Interview material witnesses.
  • Review pertinent legal decisions, statutes and other legal materials pertaining to the case.
  • Provide notification and assistance to crime victims and witnesses.

Court Proceedings

Service as Attorney for the People of the State of Michigan.
  • At pre-trial hearings and motions: analyze evidence and relevant legal authorities in evaluating the case and preparing for trial. Present testimony and legal arguments at motion hearings.
  • At trial: present opening and closing statements, examine and cross-examine witnesses and perform legal research related to trial issues.


  • Research issues in post-trial cases, and prepare responses by submitting legal briefs, responses to motions, and answers to complaints for superintending control and/or mandamus in Ottawa County Courts, State Court of Appeals, Michigan Supreme Court and Federal Courts.
  • Present argument before State and Federal appellate courts.
  • Inform and educate victims concerning the outcome of appeals and/or effect of decisions.
  • Act as liaison between the Michigan Parole Board and victims, including contacting the parole board and/or appearing at parole hearings.
  • Review potential parole release cases following notification from the Parole Board and intervene if deemed necessary.

Victim Assistance Unit

  • Provide victims with notice of initial charges, their rights and all court proceedings.
  • Assist victims in seeking appropriate counseling or social services.
  • Assist and accompany victims during trial or court proceedings.
  • Provide an opportunity for victim input regarding trial decisions and any plea negotiations.
  • Assist victims in presenting sentence recommendations orally or in writing.
  • Assist victims in determining the amount of appropriate restitution and communicating restitution amounts to probation departments and the court.
  • Assist in securing court-ordered restitution from convicted defendants.
  • Assist victims in obtaining information about parole hearings and anticipated discharge dates for convicted defendants who are incarcerated.

Domestic Assault Intervention Program

  • Contacts victim of domestic violence cases within 48 hours after an incident occurs in which a perpetrator has been lodged in jail.
  • Refer the victim and family to various agencies based on their needs, such as financial assistance, legal advise, counseling and temporary lodging.
  • Coordinate with the Center for Women in Transition to make available family counseling and resources.
  • Coordinate and exchange information with the Intensive Supervision Officers; review requests to lift no contact orders, when appropriate.
  • Report any violations of the conditions of bond or indications of misconduct to the courts.
  • Consult with assistant prosecuting attorneys and victim assistance staff regarding domestic violence victim status on pending prosecutions.

Family Court Division - Juvenile Court

Serve as attorney for the People and Petitioners in Delinquency and Abuse/Neglect proceedings involving children under 17 years of age.

  • Authorize petitions, present testimony and legal argument at pretrial hearings and motions.
  • Present arguments and examine witnesses at adjudication hearings (trials).
  • Present evidence and arguments at dispositional hearings (sentence proceedings).
  • Research, prepare briefs and argue appeals.

Mental Commitment Proceedings

  • Review and prepare commitment petitions seeking appropriate treatment for those suffering from serious mental illness or impairment.
  • Present evidence and legal argument at hearings seeking appropriate treatment.