County Treasurer

Dog Licensing

The Ottawa County Dog License Program includes one-year and three-year licenses available for purchase throughout the year. Licenses should be renewed by the last day of the month in which the rabies vaccination expires. To qualify for a three-year license the dog must have received new three-year rabies vaccination within the past 30 days.

Male/Female Spayed/Neutered Puppies
One-year License $25.00 $10.00 $10.00
Three-year License $70.00 $25.00 N/A

As a courtesy, the Treasurer's Office will mail license renewal applications the month before the license expires. Licenses are conveniently available:

Cat Licensing

Cat licenses (which are not required in Ottawa County) are offered utilizing the same system and tags used for dog licensing, but for those interested pet owners it could provide the security that lost cats, when found, would more quickly be united to their homes.

  • There is no requirement that cats be licensed in Ottawa County
  • Because this is a choice to license, there is no rabies or spay/neuter requirements
  • One year licenses are only available through the County Treasurer Office
  • Per year cat license cost is $10.00