County Treasurer


Understanding County Investments

By law the County Treasurer is to record all the revenue that comes into the County and then be the custodian of all County funds until spent. There are many pools of funds within the County each designed to collect, report, and pay out the amounts available for specific purposes. The largest of the funds is the General Fund, it is the chief operating fund of the County, and its status is reported monthly to the Finance and Administration Committee and Board of Commissioners. To provide consistent and clear information, 4 graphs are presented monthly to report on the health of our investments. Those graphs are:

  • Open Investments provides a month end snapshot of how many dollars are in the General Fund and in what types of investments.
  • Historical Comparison is used to understand trends in cash levels, and provides a four year running look at the total dollars in the fund at month end.
  • Investment Distribution by Maturity gives the amount of dollars that will be available within certain timeframes.
  • General Fund Monthly Yield gives current monthly interest earned compared to last years earnings and a benchmark earnings rate.