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Public Health Nuisances

Investigations of conditions or activities on private or public premises which, in the judgment of the Health Officer, may be injurious, endangering, or detrimental to human life, safety and health of the public; annoying, offensive or obnoxious to the senses; obstructs the comfortable use or sale of adjacent property or may cause degradation of the natural environment.

In the judgement of the Ottawa County Department of Public Health's Health Officer, the Department investigates conditions or activities on private or public premises which may endanger safety and public health; annoy or offend the senses; obstruct the comfortable use or sale of adjacent property; or degrade the natural environment. A housing nuisance that has received public attention is bed bugs. Please see the Bed Bug Manual from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for tips of eliminating and preventing bed bugs.

Child and Adult Foster Care Facilities (F.I.A. Facilities)

A program of plan review (when appropriate) and inspections to ensure child and adult care facilities are constructed and maintained in a sanitary manner. Recommendations for licensure are forwarded to the State of Michigan Family Independence Agency.

Lead Poisoning Information

Information and resources are available for parents and primary care providers here.

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Household Radon Testing

Home test kits for radon gas and subsequent counseling is available if necessary. See Environmental Health Fee Schedule for costs. Call (616) 393-5645 for more information.

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