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The Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission was created in 1987 to oversee the management and operation of the county parks system. The Commission is dedicated to providing Ottawa County residents and visitors with park facilities as well as recreational and educational opportunities that enhance the quality and enjoyment of their lives.

David VanGinhoven - President
Philip Kuyers - Secretary
James Holtvluwer
Joe Bush
Matthew Fenske
Ray Statema - Vice President
Tom Werkman
Roger E. Jonas
Kelly N. Rice
Tom Elhart

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Parks Staff

Fillmore Street Complex > Nature Center > Park Operations Center

Fillmore Street Complex Office Staff

John Scholtz
Parks & Recreation Director
John has served as Parks and Recreation Manager since shortly after the Parks and Recreation Commission was formed in 1987. He received his Masters Degree in Parks and Recreation Resources from Michigan State University and spent six years as the director of Saginaw County Parks prior to coming to Ottawa County.

Curtis TerHaar
Coordinator of Park Planning & Development
Curt is a landscape architect and land planner with 30 years of experience in the planning, design, and construction of recreation and other outdoor public use areas. He started with the Ottawa County Parks system in 2005 after working at private design firms in West Michigan including his own landscape architecture design company. Curt was born and raised in Grand Haven and has a degree in Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University.

Aaron Bodbyl-Mast
Park Planner

Tabitha Rowley
Senior Secretary

Kyle Roffey
Administrative Assistant

Jessica VanGinhoven
Communications Specialist

Mary Bohn

Nature Center Staff

Kristen Hintz
Coordinator of Interpretive & Information Services
Kristen graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management with an emphasis in Environmental Education and Interpretation. She completed her elementary teaching credential at GVSU in 2007 and joined Ottawa County Parks in 2009.

Curtis Dykstra
Park Naturalist

Mindy Stanton
Nature Center Secretary

Park Operations Center Staff

Jason Boerger
Coordinator of Park Maintenance and Operations
Jason started in January 2014 and is responsible for the maintenance and operations including projects, policies, rule enforcement, fee collection, risk management and budgeting. Jason has 20 years of experience including programming, maintenance, law enforcement, management, and administrative roles. He has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Bowling Green State University.

Bob Reichel
Parks Operations Manager
A department employee since 1996, Bob organizes, plans, and assigns day to day maintenance operations for the entire parks system.

Melanie Manion
Natural Resources Management Supervisor
Melanie started working for Ottawa County Parks in 2011 and is responsible for coordinating the protection, stewardship and restoration of natural resources on park properties and for the development of a comprehensive parks volunteer program. Melanie has a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Science and a M.S. in Conservation Biology from Central Michigan University.

Nealy Molhoek
Stewardship Supervisor

Collin Zackrison
Parks Supervisor (East Area)
Collin manages a very busy Hager Park, as well as Spring Grove Park, Grand River Park and a new open space at the Bend Area.

Leif VanHorssen
Parks Supervisor (South Area)
Leif has responsibility for 11 sites towards the south end of the county including the winter ski/sledding operation at Pigeon Creek Park, the Upper Macatawa Natural Area and the Historic Weaver House at Pine Bend.

Anne Engvall
Parks Supervisor (North Area)
Anne has responsibility of 13 sites in the north part of the county including Crockery Creek Natural Area and Eastmanville Farm.

Eric Frifeldt
Parks Supervisor (West Area)
Eric Frifeldt was hired as the Park Supervisor overseeing the Lakeshore Parks, including the ever-popular Rosy Mound Natural Area.   

Jeremy Hamstra
Parks Equipment Specialist

Bob Shannon
Park Maintenance Worker

Aaron Goodell
Park Maintenance Worker

Tom Dorton
Parks Maintenance Worker