20th Circuit Court

Financial Obligations

Additional information regarding financial obligations to 20th Circuit Court:

  • Serving jail/prison time does not relieve defendant from the responsibility to pay financial obligation.

  • Financial obligations assessed by the Court are due until paid. Time does not make them disappear. There is no statute of limitations on assessed fines, fees, costs, and restitution.

  • Financial obligations assessed by Circuit Court are not discharged by bankruptcy.

  • An Order to Remit Prisoner Funds for the Department of Corrections will be withdrawn when the defendant is paid in full.  Questions about the amount paid should be directed to MDOC.

  • Fifty-six (56) days after sentence date, a 20% late fee will be assessed to unpaid fines and costs in accordance with Michigan Compiled Law 600.4803; this fee does not apply to unpaid restitution balance.