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Ottawa County Parks & Recreation

Map & Directory

map Crockery Creek Natural Area Crockery Creek Natural Area Deer Creek Park Deer Creek Park Eastmanville Farm Eastmanville Farm Grand River Park Grand River Park Grose Park Grose Park Hager Park Hager Park Hemlock Crossing Hemlock Crossing Historic Ottawa Beach Parks Historic Ottawa Beach Parks Kirk Park Kirk Park Musketawa Trail Musketawa Trail Musketawa Trail North Park Beach North Beach Park North Ottawa Dunes North Ottawa Dunes Pigeon Creek Park Pigeon Creek Park Pine Bend Pine Bend Riley Trails Riley Trails Riverside Park Riverside Park Rosy Mound Natural Area Rosy Mound Natural Area Spring Grove Park Spring Grove Park Tunnel Park Tunnel Park Upper Macatawa Natural Area Upper Macatawa Natural Area Bur Oak Landing Bur Oak Landing Eastmanville Bayou Eastmanville Bayou Grand River Ravines Grand River Ravines Hiawatha Forest Hiawatha Forest Johnson Street Forest Johnson Street Forest Jubb Bayou Jubb Bayou Port Sheldon Natural Area Port Sheldon Natural Area Ripps Bayou Ripps Bayou Robinson Forest Robinson Forest Van Buren Street Dunes Van Buren Street Dunes Bend Area Bend Area olive shores Olive Shores Adams Street Landing Adams Street Landing Connor Bayou Connor Bayou Holland State Park Holland State Park Bass River State Recreation Area Bass River State Recreation Area Grand Haven State Park Grand Haven State Park PJ Hoffmaster State Park PJ Hoffmaster State Park Eastmanville Bayou Eastmanville Bayou Kuits Bayou Kuits Bayou Grand River Open Space Grand River Open Space Macatawa Greenspace Macatawa Greenspace Hawthorn Pond Natural Area Hawthorn Pond Natural Area
1 Adams Street Landing (map)
2 Connor Bayou (map)
3 Crockery Creek Natural Area (map)
4 Deer Creek Park (map)
5 Eastmanville Farm (map)
6 Grand River Park (map)
7 Grand Ravines (map)
8 Grose Park (map)
9 Hager Park (map)
10 Hawthorn Pond Natural Area
11 Hemlock Crossing (map) Nature Education Center
12 Historic Ottawa Beach Parks (map)
13 Kirk Park (map)
14 Macatawa Greenspace (map)
15 Musketawa Trail (map)
16 North Beach Park (map)
17 North Ottawa Dunes (map)
18 Olive Shores (map)
19 Pigeon Creek Park (winter map, summer map)
20 Pine Bend (map)
21 Riley Trails (map)
22 Riverside Park (map)
23 Rosy Mound Natural Area (map)
24 Spring Grove Park (map)
25 Tunnel Park (map)
26 Upper Macatawa Natural Area (map)
27 Bend Area (map)
28 Bur Oak Landing (map)
29 Eastmanville Bayou (map)
30 Grand River Open Space (map)
31 Hiawatha Forest (map)
32 Johnson Street Forest (map)
33 Jubb Bayou (map)
34 Kuits Bayou (map)
35 Port Sheldon Natural Area (map)
36 Ripps Bayou (map)
37 Robinson Forest (map)
38 Van Buren Street Dunes (map)

What is the difference between a park and an open space land?

The Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Commission manages both parks and open space lands. Parks include properties where major improvements have been made such as paved parking lots, rest room buildings, designated trails, picnic shelters, playgrounds and other facilities. Some properties designated as parks are currently unimproved, however, improvements are expected to be developed in the future. Parks have more rigid rules and hunting is NOT allowed in any parks (Archery hunting is allowed with a Special Park Permit at the Crockery Creek Natural Area and the Upper Macatawa Natural Area –see hunting for more information).

Open Space Lands are undeveloped natural lands that have less rigid rules than parks. Most Open Space Lands do not have designated or marked trails and parking areas are usually small. Dogs are allowed to run off-leash in Open Space Lands and Open Space Lands are open to hunting. Some properties are archery only, while others offer firearm and archery hunting. See hunting for more information.

You may find out more information about a specific park or Open Space Land by selecting a property on the map, selecting a property from the lists or selecting a property from the parks chart.

Parks Visitor Center

The Nature
Education Center
at Hemlock Crossing
8115 West Olive Road
West Olive, MI 49460
Tuesday - Saturday:
9:00am - 5:00pm

12:00pm - 5:00pm
Phone: (616) 786-4847

Parks Administration Office

Room 267
12220 Fillmore St.
West Olive, MI 49460
Monday - Friday:
8:00am - 5:00pm
Phone: (616) 738-4810
Fax: (616) 738-4812
In Ottawa County:
(888) 731-1001 ext.4810

General Park Hours*

March 1 - October 15
7:00am - 10:00pm
October 16 - February 28
7:00am - 8:00pm
*Some parks close in winter or have hours that vary. Select each park for specific park hours.