Community Mental Health

General Mental Health Crisis If you are having a mental health crisis, at any time during the day or night call Helpline 24/7 Mental Health Support at 1-866-512-4357.
Children's Mental Health Crisis If your child is having a mental health crisis call the Children's Mobile Crisis at 616-494-5590.
Hours of Operation are 5:00pm to 12:00am

Emergency and After-Hours Access to Services

You have the right to receive emergency services at any time, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, without prior authorization for payment of care. If you have a mental health emergency, you should seek help right away. Go to the nearest hospital emergency room for assistance. If there is no hospital nearby, or if you don't know where it is, please call 911 for assistance.

24/7 Crisis Services

Ottawa County launched the Crisis Intervention Team program in 2021. Partnerships with law enforcement agencies, mental health providers, individuals with lived experience, and other community stakeholders have allowed us to train over 100 local first responders to specialize in mental health crisis response. These trainings prepare first responders to recognize behavioral health conditions, de-escalate behavioral health crisis and connect individuals and families to community services and support.

The Crisis Intervention Team Co-response program pairs mental health clinicians with highly trained law enforcement officers. These teams respond directly to behavioral health emergencies in the county whenever possible. This team is currently available during business hours in participating jurisdictions. Additional law enforcement officers in Ottawa County have completed comprehensive behavioral health crisis training. If you are calling 911 for an emergency, please let the dispatcher know if you believe the crisis has a behavioral health component.

Children's Mobile Crisis Hours of Operation / Contact Information

Regular Hours

Monday - Friday
     5:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.

(616) 494-5590

(In-home services available during this time)

For calls that come in an hour or less before services close a phone screening may be offered in lieu of in-person services.

After Hours

All other hours - Please call our General Crisis Line (866) 512-4357

(In-home services not available during this time) is a non-emergency email address for general questions regarding the children's mobile crisis program. Response time may vary depending upon staffing.

Children’s Mobile Crisis

What is a Crisis?

  • When individuals/families are unable to handle a situation and regular coping skills are not working
  • When a youth has potential to hurt themselves or someone else, intentionally, or unintentionally
  • When a youth requires immediate intervention to remain in the family home and avoid legal, medical, or other out-of-home placement

Who can use this service?

Youth through the age of 20 who reside in Ottawa County and live in their family home (including foster care or a relative caregiver)

Children's Mobile Crisis Provides the Following Services:

  • In-home mental health crisis intervention
  • Family support and guidance in difficult situations related to mental health issues
  • Strengths-based, needs-driven services
  • Assistance in developing safety/crisis plans
  • Referral to community resources